Scientific research and experimental development

Assistance from the provincial and federal government that can reimburse up to 76% of your eligible expenses.

Any company that carries out an experimental scientific or technological development project.

  • Employee and shareholder salaries
  • Outsourcing expenses
Konto R&D Recherche scientifique et développement expérimental

Refundable for the development of e-business

Konto R&D Remboursable pour le développement des affaires électroniques

Government assistance from Revenue Quebec that offers a tax credit of up to 30%!

For companies developing or integrating e-business systems (e.g., management software, transactional or e-commerce websites, etc.).

Employee salaries; If the company has a minimum of 6 eligible employees at the beginning of the fiscal year.

Production Multimedia Titles

Government assistance from Revenue Quebec, which reimburses labour costs of up to 37.5%!

For companies that produce multimedia titles (for example: the video game industry, software for interactivity, digital animated films, etc.).

  • Employee and shareholder salaries
  • Outsourcing expenses
konto R&D Production Titres multimédias​​

Innovation program

Konto R&D Programme innovation​

A Ministry of Economy and Innovation program that provides financial support of 30% to 50% of eligible expenses up to a maximum of $350,000.

For companies planning product or process innovation projects, from the planning stage to the pre-market stage (technology showcase).

  • Eligible expenses can include professional fees, salaries, direct costs, travel, patents and others.
  • New application accepted in spring 2020.